Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Thorntons Fairground Favourites Toasted Marshmallow

This is the last of the three Fairground Favourites I'll be reviewing from Thorntons; another seemingly interesting sounding flavour - Toasted Marshmallow. Described as 'marshmallow flavour truffle, dipped in dark and milk chocolate, sprinkled with coconut'.
Funnily enough before buying them I actually thought that these would be my favourite flavour; it turned out in fact that they were in fact my least favourite. It's nothing that there's particularly wrong with them per se - I just don't think they massively taste of marshmallow.

Thorntons Fairground FavouritesToasted Marshmallow 

There's a nice light sweet flavour to them but the predominant flavour is that of  the toasted coconut on the outside. The dark chocolate adds a nice deeper contrast to take away from the sweetness of the filling, but do they scream 'ooey, gooey, marshmallowy goodness'..erm, no, not really. They kind of remind me of a chocolate snowball cake, albeit without the marshmallow texture.


That's when it hit home actually; one of the great things about marshmallow is the texture of it, that chewy, sticky feel and possibly why this chocolate doesn't work so well. It doesn't possess that intrinsic texture and therefore the overall effect of the chocolate is lost.

Thorntons Fairground FavouritesToasted Marshmallow
The fact that you can only vote for one chocolate to stay means that unfortunately these won't be getting my vote; like I previously said they're not bad chocolates by any means and if someone bought me them I would still enjoy them, but unfortunately they do not live up to their marshmallow name.

Taste - 6.0/10 - Not a bad chocolate but not amazing.
Texture - 3.7/10 - Lacks that intrinsic marshmallow texture.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - Looks good enough, decent sized chocolates.
Price - 6.9/10 - If you buy them at WHSmiths they are still pretty good value for money at £1. I wouldn't however pay the £3 a bag amount at Thorntons.
Overall - 5.8/10 - Not bad but the worst of the three launched, in my personal opinion. Not fun enough!
If you don't mind that they're not massively 'marshmallowy' then you'll probably quite enjoy them.


Thorntons stores or WHSmiths.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Thorntons Fairground Favourites Toffee Apple Caramel

The second of the Thorntons Fairground Favourites I will be reviewing are these Toffee Apple Caramels; described as 'soft gooey caramel flavoured with apple juice and wrapped in milk chocolate'. They sounded absolutely delicious - I love apple flavoured things and feel that it's a really underused flavour in the food industry!

Thorntons Fairground Favourites Toffee Apple Caramel 

The chocolates are a good decent size and the chocolate shell is quite thick and has a nice bite to it. The caramel interior has a lovely smooth consistency, it's not as thick as the likes of Dairy Milk Caramel but is not as runny as, say, Hotel Chocolat's Liquid Caramels. It sits somewhere in the middle.

Thorntons Fairground Favourites Toffee Apple Caramel

I was worried that either the apple flavour  wouldn't be present at all or that it would be over the top and would end up tasting artificial. I can however report that the flavour was spot on. These chocolates aren't sickly sweet and compared to Thorntons normal caramel the apple juice actually helped to detract from what might be overly sweet by adding a nice tart, refreshing edge to it.

Thorntons Fairground Favourites Toffee Apple Caramel

I think I would actually repurchase these; they taste exactly how they should and although I liked the Candyfloss Truffles I'm not sure whether I would regularly buy them just to due how sweet they were. These on the other hand offer great value for money whilst offering a delicious yet different chocolate flavour.

Taste - 9.2/10 - Tastes as a should, lovely tart apple flavour and sweet caramel. Good, creamy, milk chocolate shell.
Texture - 8.5/10 - Lovely runny caramel.
Appearance - 8.0/10 - Nothing amazing to report but chocolates are a good, satisfying size.
Price - 8.9/10
- If you buy them at WHSmiths they are superb value for money;I would probably still pay £3 a bag for these at Thorntons as I really enjoyed them - but obviously would prefer to go to WHSmiths and pay the cheaper price of £1 a bag.
Overall - 8.7/10 - I really hope these chocolates stick around.

Anyone looking for something a bit different but not too 'out there'.

Thorntons stores or at WHSmiths.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Thorntons Fairground Favouites : Candyfloss

I'm such a sucker for new products; anything new or limited edition that hits the shelves and you can pretty much bet on me buying it. I don't normally buy Thorntons chocolates to be completely honest, I normally find them too sweet,  but the fact that they had launched three new exciting flavours as part of their Fairground Favourites (you get to vote for which one is your favourite to stay as a permanent fixture), well I just had to try them.

Thorntons Candyfloss Truffles  

Popping into my local Thorntons store they were £3 each for a bag or 2 for £5; I knew however, that WHSmiths had them at £1 each or 2 bags for £1.70 - who would buy them from Thorntons when they are this price at WHSmiths I have no idea! So I walked across the road and picked them up there. There are three flavours in the range : Toffee Apple Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow and the flavour I will be reviewing today, Candyfloss.

Thorntons Candyfloss Truffles
I think they all sounded like really unusual flavours, something a bit fun and different! The Candyfloss truffles are described as "candyfloss flavour parfait in white chocolate with pink sugar sprinkles". Now obviously I knew they were going to be sweet - candyfloss is pure sugar and white chocolate is always pretty sweet, so I was expecting them to be so - normally this would bother me in a standard chocolate but in these ones not so much.

Thorntons Candyfloss Truffles

They're meant to be fun, sweet and reminiscent of candyfloss; which is exactly what these are! In the same kind of way I don't mind excessive sweetness in a bag of pick n mix, the same holds true here. They have a great flavour of candyfloss (with a slight hint of raspberry - as raspberry powder is used to give the filling its pink colour) and have an overall lovely smooth eat.

Not the type of chocolate you could eat one after another but definitely tick all the boxes for something new and different.

Taste - 8.7/10 - Obviously don't buy these if you hate really sweet things but ultimately they eat as they should, tasting of sweet candyfloss.
Texture - 8.2/10 - Smooth parfait truffle centre.
Appearance - 8.2/10 - Look fun and good sized chocolates.
Price - 8.9/10 - If you buy them at WHSmiths they are superb value for money; I don't know whether I would be as inclined to pay £3 a bag for them at actual Thorntons stores.
Overall - 8.5/10 - Thoroughly enjoyed these, a great unusual chocolate.
If you've got a big sweet tooth and like candyfloss; can imagine these would go down well with kids.

Thorntons stores and WHSmiths.